Voss Street Garden

A series of photographs presented by a perfomer - reading a description of every photograph that's audio-collected by other participants







a description of the photo above (2 Nov 2009) :

This is fascinating! I can see what appears to be a piece of tarmac between two white lines, possibly. Maybe some kind of parking space. And an abandoned leaf and then this one foot trail of polythene that looks almost like a giant snail trail across the tarmac. Or some kind of splash of water. Curving out in the right hand side of photograph and it crosses over a tiny label thatŐs almost like some sort of business card perhaps. As though someone has strung this packaging and the traces of some kind of business activity in the parking space on the road surface anyway. And then, I begin to think of some artists called The Boyle family who spent a lot of time in the 1970Ős making casts of everyday pieces of ground. And they found this by throwing darts onto a map or playing some kind of dice game and landing on a macro fence and then they would go and make a cast out of that. Then they produced it in fiberglass as a piece of work. And itŐs rather lovely.

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Cultural Handout

A series of postcards mailed to The Pigeon Wing space where The Festival of Nearly Invisible Publishing was set up


I am publishing ... my collection of the cuttings of the solid coloured borders of arts & culture handouts that are mailed to my flat or picked up for free from various places in London since summer 2008.

(The festival is over, but collecting continues.)

Hyun Jin Cho
30 Days of Design - A Collection of Food Containers

A two-sided A2 poster



Every week we accumulate a sizable bag of food containers that are set out to the curbside to be "recycled". So we collected them over a period of 30 days and photographed and drew each item. (We did not include soft plastic/paper bags and boxes.)

What is the relationship between our food consumption and its accompanying containers? Does food have to represent waste?Is designing/making recyclable containers good enough? Is it possible to eliminate or "un-design" the containers themselves?



Compulsive Holding

A two-sided A2 poster



A study of 21 toothbrushes from the local supermarket compiling and exploring the language of toothbrush. In review of this offering we would like to propose an alternate coherency for the collective message of these objects.




Egg Expansion

A series of photographs (an ongoing work)


These "architectural" models began from a pure building-object form, in this case, an egg which "expands" through a series of alternating modifications by two people only using collected household, food packaging debris.



A sound recording / 27 mins


The score is straightforward. The recordings can occur routinely after dinner. As I get ready for washing up, I open the kitchen windows and ask my flat mate who is a classical music enthusiast to play some music, typically from internet radio streams. I then place my audio recorder and start to wash up. This piece started from a recording made by accident; I was recording the sound of the birds outside at sunset then forgot to turn off the recorder and carried on with the washing. From this recording, I was hearing three supposedly independent sounds unexpectedly synchronised: the street outside, the radio playing and the washing. Each sound may be structured within an individual system of order yet cannot avoid affecting the other, or does it only sound like that when we listen later on?