Meet the Artist

2010 / Colour / Sound / 40mins

meet the artist2


As part of Away Day - a weekend event featuring site-specific artworks for three public parks in South London - I made this video in which each of the participating artists was interviewed for his or her own conception of public art.  Our conversations were collected in video, transcribed, and edited together - resulting in a single text.  Using the transcript, I filmed two actors performing/reading the text in alternating sections of the artist’ words.


Hyun Jin Cho
Talking Distance

2006 / Colour / Sound / 7mins 15secs

still talking distance

still talking distance


An animation that revolves around three intimate telephone conversations.  Each character attempts to bridge the distance that separates herself from the other within the often oppressive limitations imposed by words, sounds, and time.  How much intimacy carries across the lines? And what of it gets across as need, what as desire, what as mere expediency?




Compulsive Holding
Will & Max

2009 / Colour / Sound / 35mins 30secs



I was struck by what I happend to observe : Will, My friends’ 4-year old son at the time was running in a circle and shouting “again!” upon each cycle over and over again for several minutes.

Six months later, I went back to their home and restaged and filmed a reenactment of Will’s original creation or play. Directions were based on what I remembered along with my after thoughts to make some sense of it. This reenactment, however, introduced a separate life and order - one that resulted from my attempts to recapture Will’s own past actions. The unplanned involvement of the 2-year old Max (Will’s younger brother) near the end of filming further expands the flux of the filming event. Ultimately this recording of my unattainable project became a central part of the work.

What is Architecture to You?

2009 / Colour / Sound / 16mins




This piece centers around a series of interviews I conducted while in Oklahoma, USA.  The responses are from those involved in architecture (educators, recent graduates, practitioners) and those not involved in architecture.  These responses are then paired with a collection of video clips taken from my visits to various cities. In a sense, these clips reflect what architecture is to me?


Highway - Oklahoma

2007 / B&W / Sound / 40secs



This is a memory of being in Oklahoma City and the difficulty of getting around without having a car. On this particular stretch of highway was a number of auto dealerships, all announcing a particular brand of the American way.


Riverside Walk

2006 / B&W / Sound / 1mins 40secs

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still talking distance

still talking distance


My initial impressions on British road signs.  I was interested in what's perceived as interesting vs. what's ordinary.