Initiated and Facilitated by : Hyun Jin Cho

Hyun Jin Cho is a London-based artist from South Korea. She holds a BFA in Korean Painting from Ewha Womans University and an MA in Drawing as Process from Kingston University. Her recent works focus on moving image form; they are often triggered by a series of recorded interviews that develop through multiple operations of translation and re-staging.

Her most recent video, Meet the Artist (shown as part of Away Day, a weekend art in three parks in South London) used this method - transcribing and editing the original interview recordings into a single dialogue - then translated into a performance-reading by two actors for the final video. She is currently working on a multi-faceted project Is that your work? Was it fun? which began during her artist residency at Gyeonggi Creation Center (Ansan, Korea) earlier this year. For more information about her practice, see


Space Design by : Ahmee Kim

Ahmee Kim is a space designer based in Seoul, South Korea. She graduated from Domus Academy in Milan with a Master's degree in Interior & Living Design. She had worked for Studio 63 Italy and Bitzro & Partners as an interior designer and architectural lighting designer. For the last two years, she has been working independently on her own and collectively as “Ellfo Design Group” on diverse design projects.

Her recent projects include : an exhibition “45 ℃reative” in Dongdaemun design plaza (as a member of Ellfo design group), an alternative children’s art studio “Aki Factory” and a kiosk, “Take-out Annyeung” in Paju Peace Park.


Editing / Copy-editing by :

David Berridge, James Abordo Ong & Krys Lee

David Berridge is a writer based in London. Current work includes two serial fictions: DOG MAN and The Fluxus President, numerous incarnations of which are online. He writes critical essays on connections of language and art practice for fillip, syntax, Jacket, and others, and is the author of several chapbooks, including The Moth Is Moth This Money Night Moth (The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press 2010). MY READING DID THIS TO ME, a performance-lecture, was presented at The Flat Time House, London, in November 2010, exploring art making in proximity to the act of reading. David curates VerySmallKitchen, whose recent projects include Department of Micro-Poetics at the AC Institute, New York (2010). See

James Abordo Ong is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy at Duke University working on the history of ethics and the philosophy of emotions. In particular, he is investigating Friedrich Nietzsche's critique of Baruch de Spinoza's approach to cultivating the passions in relation to the challenge of developing new possibilities for human values in the modern age. Before he decided to embark on an academic career, he worked in corporate finance for six years. He was born and grew up in the Philippines and has lived in various countries over the past twelve years.

Krys Lee is a fiction writer and editor who currently divides her time between South Korea and the US. Her first collection of short stories will be published in January 2012 by Viking/Penguin in the US and Faber and Faber in the UK. She has published stories, poems, and an essay in The California Quarterly, Narrative Magazine, and the Kenyon Review. At present, she is the co-editor of list_Books from Korea and is at work on a novel. See


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