2010 Dec 6 Call for Participants/ Submission opens
2011 Feb 18 Call for Participants/ Submission closes
  Feb 20 Participating artists are selected.
  Feb 23 - Mar 5 Translations for Gos, Unghoon / Park, Jaehwan / LEE, Hangjun / Choi, Sun young are completed.
    (Their statement, translation and artwork are installed for opening day.)
  Mar 8 The Moving Translation Service Agency opens its doors at Sarubia
  Mar 10 - 20 Translation process for Geumhong Lee / Eunyoung Park / Hwayoung Lee siren eun young jung / Yikyung Cho / Hong Nam-Kee begins.
  Mar 16 The artist statement, translation and artwork of Geumhong Lee & Hwayoung Lee are introduced.
  Mar 24 The artist statement, translation and artwork of siren eun young jung / Hong Nam-Kee will be introduced.
  Mar 27 Screening of the artists' works followed by a discussion.
  Mar 30 The artist statement, translation and artwork of Eunyoung Park / Yikyung Cho will be introduced.
  Apr 2 *Roundtable Discussion (3-5pm) followed by a closing reception
  Apr 6 The Moving Image Translation Service Agency closes


*Translating the Korean Art Text

: Presentations by Geumhong Lee, Kyunghee Lee & Simon Morley followed by a roundtable discussion

( More information in the process of uploading)





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